Summer Camp Info

We will begin Monday June 11 at 10am. We will spend time getting to know the coaches and getting to know the athletes and their events. The first day will be coaches teaching kids the warm up routine.
Coaches will look to develop groups for athletes to fit in with similar skills.
The Practice Days per week are Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. 10am-1pm.
Sprints will be roughly 10am-12 and the last hour or more will be for those that wish to do field events.
There will be weekly emails to finalize to solidify the next weeks practice schedule for any changes, or meets.
Also our other issue could be when our field reconstruction begins we will have to find an alternative site, so we have sea canyon, and for tracks possibly Capo and/ San Clemente.
The $250 Donation we ask for will be for the whole summer and will be used for pay the coaches and any equipment used this summer. This is a huge help to us this summer for we don’t have any fundraisers scheduled.
But if we have the opportunity to fundraise will we do so, so if anyone has any Ideas let me know. ūüôā
As for the Donations: if Paying By Check Please make it Payable to DOLPHIN FORCE and please enter Track and Field in the memo line. 
We will be using Dolphin force for our summer program.


June 20 Summer Night Series meet 

Cuyamaca College PV 4:30 Meet starts and 6pm

July 11 Summer Night Series Meet

San Diego Mesa College Field 4pm Running 6pm

July 14/15 California State Games

 University City High School 

July 18 Summer Night Series Meet

Sweetwater High School PV 4:30 Field 5:30 Running 6pm

Aug 1 Summer Night Series Meet

San Diego CC at Balboa Stadium PV 4:30pm Field 5:30pm Running 5:45pm


 Summer Night Series are between $7-10 per meet

 California State Games $12-20

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